28 Ways to Survive Spring Break

Spring break is around the corner, and with that, you’re going to want to have a game play for keeping your kids busy and happy at home. If you’re not sending them to a day camp, you’ll want to have a few fun, new ideas to share with them over the week. Here’s a great start to some of the things you could do with them. Got another idea? Please share it in the comments below!

Sensory Play

1. Make a batch of chocolate play dough. Set out some candles and cupcake liners, and celebrate a happy un-birthday.chocolate-no-cook-playdough-recipe

2. Sink your fingers into some rainbow rice.


3.  Explore the outdoor during a nature walk.

Nose Hill Erratic

4. Play with oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid that acts like a solid and a liquid.

Oobleck Goop Gack

5. Freeze some coloured water, and play with the ice while it melts. If it’s a nice day outside, take this activity outside.

Melting Coloured Ice

6. During bathtime, paint the tub with a combination of shaving cream and food colouring.

shaving cream bath time

7. Create an indoor obstacle course using household items, such as chairs to crawl under and pillows to roll across.


Arts & Crafts

8. Create a wind chime you can hang in your backyard and admire during the warm weather.


9. Make some wooden spoon puppets, then have a puppet show.

DIY Wooden Spoon Puppets for Kids

10. Design your own paper kite, and fly it outside during a windy afternoon.


11. Melt your old crayons into new ones, and rediscover a love of colouring.

Making Crayons

12. Use contact paper to design some simple Easter crafts.

13. Build a flying saucer from some paper plates.


14. Stay clean with this mess free painting activity.

Mess Free Finger Painting


Heading Out and About

15. Explore a new playground. Pretend to soar through the air at the helicopter playground; make Peter Pan walk the plank at the pirate ship playground; or battle a dragon at Elgin dragon playground.

pirate playground

16. Take a look in a book at a local library. And/or, register for a spring program.

17. Pet a bunny, feed some ducks, or ride a pony at Butterfield Acres.

butterfield acres bunny

18. Meet the new baby animals at the Calgary Zoo. Visit the gorillas, red panda, giraffes, and penguins to get a look at the latest babies born at the zoo. Do you know of any others?

calgary zoo baby gorilla

19. Participate in FREE activities at Indigo Kids across the country.

20. Burn off some energy at one of the city’s indoor play places, such as Hop, Sip & Jump, TommyKplay, or Coffee & S’cream


21. Win FREE tickets to the Calgary Baby & Tot Show via Intellidance Calgary.


Music & Dance

22. Play a game of Freeze Dance. Dance like no one’s watching, but when the music stops- FREEZE!

freeze dance

23. Have a dance party to 10 empowering songs.

24. Create a name dance using a movement alphabet.

movement alphabet

25. Learn 8 Brain Play™ activities to promote sensory-motor development, increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain, and increased core strength and coordination.

brain play

26. Dance like a giant and an elf. Dance like a princess.


27. Sing Toe Knee, Chest Nut and dance with different parts of your body.

28. Make your own musical instrument, and play a concert for your family.