Three Ways to Decorate Halloween Pumpkins with Toddlers

Three Ways to Decorate Halloween Pumpkins

It’s Halloween. You have your pumpkins. You have your toddler. Now, all you need to do is carve your pumpkins into beautiful spooky jack-o-lanterns. If you’re anything like me, I try to avoid carving pumpkins as I’m not skilled enough to wield a knife and create a spooky face let alone the cat or bat that my kids are asking me to create. Beside, I like having the kids participate too; and if I can’t wield a knife, there’s NO WAY I’m letting them!

So, here’s my solution. Three ways to decorate your Halloween Pumpkins minus the carving.


Glitter Pumpkin

1. Get your little one to mix glue and glitter together.


2. Have him/her paint the mixture on to the pumpkin. If you find the glitter and glue glob onto your pumpkin, help your little one smooth it out.

Glitter Pumpkins

3. Finish by gluing on some sequin stars.  (We used glue dots to help our stars stick best.)

Star Pumpkin

Tip: Be sure the pumpkin is room temperature or the glue dots many not stick.


Jewel Pumpkin

1. Adhered sequins and jewels to glue dots.

sequin pumpkin

2. Allow your little one to peel and stick them to the pumpkin. (This is excellent fine motor practice.)

jewel pumpkin


Painted Pumpkin

1. Tape off a few areas on the pumpkin that you don’t want to paint.

painted pumpkin

2. Get your little one to paint the pumpkin.

3. When dry, peel tape off to reveal the orange pumpkin underneath.

4. If you want to take this pumpkin one step further, hot glue gun some buttons on to the pumpkin (We tried the glue dots, but the buttons didn’t stick. Perhaps if you had really large glue dots it would work better)

Painted Pumpkin

Tip: Be sure to use masking tape.


These pumpkins look fantastic, were low-key, and can be done over a few afternoons. But, the best part is the kids are excited to show them off for the neighbours to see, and you’ve spent time connecting with your little ones!

Three Ways to Decorate Halloween Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!



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