Let’s Dance! Ten Reasons to Dance with Intellidance®

Intellidance Tots

1.      Research shows that dance and music activities, such as Intellidance®, offered in a loving, safe, multi-sensory environment enhance lifelong learning and neural development. We’ve written more on the topic in the article, Why Music?

2.      Parent-Child BondWhile in an Intellidance® class, you’ll create a stronger bond with your child while you dance, sing, and play with him/her.

3.      Intellidance® teaches about early childhood development, so you can help foster your child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical health.

4.      Intellidance® teaches children creativity, imagination, and expression. See our Intellidance® children use these skills while pretending to be giants and elves.

5.      Intellidance® promotes healthy living at a young age that can develop into lifelong activity.

6.      Intellidance® promotes sensory play, which encourages children to learn through cause and effect by exploring, playing, creating and investigating.

7.      The whole family can participate in Intellidance® together. You receive a discount when you register more than one child in the same class. Infants (0-11 months) can come to class with you. And, both parents are encouraged to participate.

8.     Childhood Socialization During Intellidance® class, you and children learn ways to dance, sing, and play that you can take home.

9.      Children in Intellidance® classes are provided with opportunities to socialize and form lasting friendships with each other.

10.  Intellidance® is FUN!

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