Musical Mondays: Global Lullabies

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Global Lullabies

Lullabies are a useful tool to help little ones relax or fall asleep. If your looking for some new soothing songs to add to your library check out these songs from Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. All of them can be found on Putumayo’s Dreamland collections. I love playing the Dreamland collections at the end of the Intellidance® Babies classes.

One of my absolute favourite lullabies is The Dove’s Return by Aine Minogue. If you’ve been to class, you’ve definitely heard this song as I play it whenever we play with bubbles. My son’s favourite is When Jupiter Sleeps by Seamus Egan; he loves to listen to this lullaby when I give him a massage. You can hear it here. Whereas my daughter’s favourite is Cagaran Gaolach sung by Mary Jane Lamond; you can find it and my family’s other favourites on the Putumayo Kids Celtic Dreamland.

The last lullaby I want to share is Goodnight Irene sung by Raffi. In the early days of my daughter being born, I was gifted the Raffi CD, Corner Grocery Store. I quickly learned Goodnight Irene and sung it nightly to my daughter. Rather than singing “Irene” I sung my daughter’s name. As she grew old enough to sleep in her own bed, I wrote a verse to help her sleep:

“Kittens sleep on our couch,
Bunnies sleep under our tree,
You sleep in your big-girl bed,
And, Daddy sleeps by me.”

What was your favourite lullaby as a child? Does you’re little one have a favourite? Share in the comments below for everyone to enjoy!

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