Shake Your Shakers! 4th Anniversary Promotion

Intellidance® Egg Shakers are a favourite within my classes. When I first started teaching Intellidance®, they were the only musical instrument I had to work with; but, no one ever got bored of them. There are so many developmentally beneficial ways to use a set of egg shakers.

Multi-Sensory Experience

Egg shakers provide stimulation for all learning styles creating a multi-sensory experience. Auditory learners hear the pleasant sounds they make; visual learnings watch the bright colours; and kinesthetic learners move while using them. Observe your child while playing with egg shakers to determine which learning style he/she prefers. Knowing your child’s preference can help you support his/her learning needs.


Tummy Time Egg ShakersPromoting Tummy Time

Egg shakers can help create a tummy time environment that your baby will enjoy. When you play with the shakers during tummy time, you’re providing interaction for your baby. Therefore, you are helping to create a positive association with tummy time and increase his/her independence while on his/her tummy. You’re turning tummy time into play time!





Eye Tracking

Shakers are a great way to support your baby’s eye tracking ability. The shaking noise captures your baby’s interest causing him/her to follow the shaker with his/her eyes. Use side to side, and up and down movements with babies between 0-4 months. Then as he/she gets older, make your movements faster. You can also incorporate lots of language into your egg shaker play by talking about high/low, fast/slow, left/right, etc.


IntelliSHAKERSRhythmic Play

Your child’s most sensitive nerve endings are in his/her feet, hands, and the tip of the head. By tapping an egg shaker on these areas, you are helping your child develop a sense of beat awareness. Play different types of music for your child while doing this to nurture your child’s rhythm development.


Action Songs

Older children between 2-5 years will love incorporating egg shakers into the action songs they sing and dance to. Get a multi-sensory experience by singing Head, Shoulders, Knee and Toes while using your shakers. Or, shake, dance and play to these two favourites, “No More Monkeys” and “Tingalayo”



Since I started my first days teaching Intellidance® with egg shakers, I thought the best way to celebrate my four year anniversary would be with a promotion. From now until September 30th, 2016, when you register in an Intellidance® Calgary fall session, you can receive a set of Intellidance® Egg Shakers (colours to be chosen at random by Intellidance® Calgary).

To receive the promotion, be sure to add an additional comment in your registration that you saw this post. Then, you’ll receive your egg shakers on your first day of class!