Yes, You Can Rock a Headband!

Yes, you can rock a headband! Short hair, long hair, don’t care! These handcrafted headbands from House of Koopslie (HOK) look great on everyone.

Recently, I was in Edmonton visiting J’Adore Dance, where my love of Intellidance® began, and came across the HOK headbands. I watched as the newest styles were added to the racks. The ladies in the studio couldn’t get enough of them! There were three women that purchased four headbands each within five minutes of them being displayed… that sounds like a grade three Math equation! I was left in awe; these had to be amazing headbands.

Turns out, they are! I’ve got super short hair, so I’ve never thought I could get away with wearing a headband. I was wrong. And, since I love them so much, I’ve brought them to Intellidance® Calgary.

Here’s what I love about the House of Koopslie headbands:

1. Bamboo Baby!

The House of Koopslie headbands are made from bamboo. Bamboo is eco friendly as it requires very little water to grow. It absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen into the air than many other plants. Bamboo is anti-bacterial due to an antimicrobial bio-agent that is naturally found in the fibre. It’s moisture wicking; the plant is highly water absorbent, and the fabric keeps some of this ability. And, bamboo is also biodegradable and sustainable! What an amazing fabric!


2. Versatility

One headband. Endless Looks. HOK has created a Guide to Looking Epic with 10 ways to wear your headband. Those with short hair will love 90 Degree Twist and What’s the Skinny. While those with long hair will enjoy Side Twists, 2 Minute Undo, and Oh So Boho. My personal favourite is Sides-a-Part! This beautiful guide is gifted to you when you buy a headband. If you lose the guide, you can still find it on the HOK website.

House of Koopslie Headband

Side-a-Part step-by-step guide


3. Accessorizing

The HOK headbands are a great accessory that pulls an outfit together. I wear a headband to hot yoga. There’s nothing worse than sweat in your eyes while standing in Vriksasana (tree) pose. I love wearing my headband while hiking as it keeps the wind off of my ears. I’ve worn my headbands to business meetings, and to nights out with friends for drinks. Honestly, I keep on in my purse, just in case I need it.

hiking with House of Koopslie headband

Hiking with House of Koopslie headband

Like mother, like daughter in headbands

Like mother, like daughter in headbands

Ready to dance in HOK headband

Ready to dance in HOK headband


4. Local

HOK was created by Monika, an Edmonton mom that loves all things creative. By supporting her, I know I’m supporting a local (to Alberta) mompreneur. I love that because I’m a mompreneur too; I know how much time and energy has gone into building and sharing Intellidance® Calgary with this community. I like being able to promote other local businesses.

House of Koopslie Founder, Monika

House of Koopslie Founder, Monika


So after hearing all these awesome things, you must be wondering how to buy one. Check  out the Intellidance® Calgary Shop for all the beautiful headbands you can purchase.